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Check out our 2023 Stakeholder Report.

In 2022, Dalhousie University and the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation decided to join together to better support the community of generous donors and strategic partners who believe in the power of medical research and education and in supporting this innovative and important work through philanthropy.

Bringing together two donor-centred organizations can be challenging and certainly requires patience and a high attention to detail. We are proud to share our 2023 Stakeholder Report, highlighting successes, challenges, and learnings from our first year as a joint entity.


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Building engaging partnerships for greater impact, together.

Who we are

A new team was created when the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) amalgamated with Dalhousie’s Faculty of Medicine in October 2022. Our goals are as ambitious and exciting as DMRF’s and are supported by the resources of the greater Dal family—helping us to fulfill our purpose of advancing the game-changing endeavours carried out at the Faculty of Medicine.

With the added resources from central Dalhousie, this capable team will carry forward the Faculty of Medicine’s mission of creating healthier communities. We do this through building relationships—both inside and outside the University—with partners, alumni, students, donors, researchers, faculty, and more key players. We celebrate the achievements of the Faculty, share stories of the exciting medical research and training happening here, and work collaboratively to support the experts with the vital funding they need to continue their essential efforts.

We are thrilled to honour the spirit of DMRF and the work undertaken over the years by continuing special well-known activities such as the Molly Appeal—our annual campaign established over forty years ago to inspire people to give what they can to have a big impact together—as well as introduce you to new opportunities to engage. We want to connect people with causes they care about and are excited by our role in advancing the Faculty of Medicine to reach new heights on this front.

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How we work with donors

We work closely with our donor community and Dalhousie alumni to better understand what matters most to them and what impact they want to have through their engagement so we can introduce them to opportunities that align with our medical research and education excellence goals. It’s important to us that we help our donors stay connected to the student learners and health research projects that they care about.

There are many ways donors can support world-class health research and education at Dalhousie. Whether it’s volunteer time, offering their expertise, or a philanthropic gift—including a one-time gift, a monthly gift, a future gift in their will, or an investment in a health research undertaking—our team members are experts in ensuring donations are securely and soundly managed, with transparency and care.

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How we work with the Faculty of Medicine

The incredible outcomes at the Faculty of Medicine would not happen without the time, training, expertise, and dedication of Dalhousie’s researchers and educators and we are proud to support them through our work.

Partnering with the Medical Research Development Office and Dalhousie’s Office of Advancement, we build relationships with researchers, educators, and other key players within the faculty to better understand the work happening in and out of the lab and classrooms. We help scientists talk about their work in a way that we can all understand and help them tell their stories, make connections, and continue their laudable efforts.

The more we learn about the exciting advances taking place right here at Dal, the more we can share with our donor community and find opportunities for aligned interests to make greater impact, together.

Do you have an exciting research project you want to share with Faculty of Medicine donors and the research community? Connect with us.